Clear Visions has a wide variety of products and services that revolve around one main theme: glass. Even if what you are looking for isn't exactly covered on this site (it would be impossible to include every glass product/use we can create ), We cater to two main groups of cliental: Residential home owners, and Builders and Contractors. We recognize the different needs of each group, and have found that we are able to serve them in a way that benefits both. Because of the individual concerns of these two types of customers, we have a special section for each one.

Residential customers have needs ranging from a glass table top, to the full-service installation of a new sunroom. Custom mirrors, bathroom accessories, awnings - you name it. We can supply, create, and professionally install what you need. This is where you will want to visit if you are interested in exploring the range of services and products we have available for homeowners.

Builders and Contractors appreciate the quality products, and the wide range of custom glass we have to offer. We can supply your entire sub-division with bath fixtures, windows, awnings, shelving, and any of our other home-related items. In addition, we can create finished glass products for large-scale custom glass projects. If you are a professional contractor, you will find this section to be a valuable resource.